Modernizing Minnesota’s Grid: An Economic Analysis of Energy Storage Opportunities

Stakeholders within Minnesota’s power sector convened during two workshops held in September 2016 and January 2017 to discuss a statewide strategy for energy storage deployment. The first workshop helped identified areas for more in depth analysis. Preliminary results from this analysis and real-world case studies were presented at the second workshop and used to guide a broader discussion around recommended next steps. Full report also available on the Energy Transition Labs, University of Minnesota website.

VCE participated in the second workshop only, where they provided a system level analysis of the MISO footprint (with a focused effort on MN) to determine the pathways for future electricity grids and how storage participates in those futures.

Report on 80% Carbon Dioxide Emission Reductions within the Midwest Independent System Operator (MISO) footprint

The co-optimization carried out by Vibrant Clean Energy, LLC assessed the difference between purely cost-optimized futures, where expansion of wind, solar, natural gas and transmission was considered, and futures where carbon dioxide emissions are constrained. The case studies had time horizons of 2016, 2030, 2036 and 2050. The demand was grown to keep up with increasing electricity consumption over the MISO footprint. No connections to other markets were considered.

More Reports Coming Soon